Are you thinking about moving to the Oklahoma City area? Stop thinking immediately and pack your bags because this is an extraordinary place to live and I am the real estate agent to assist with your move into the area. Our residents know the value of this small city that has huge heart. There’s tons of value in the location, workforce and environment which drives value to the surrounding communities and makes living in this area very enjoyable. These factors, among many others are what make Oklahoma City great, and your move into one of our beloved communities, makes things that much more sweet. Come find out exactly what Oklahoma City is all about!

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My name is Dawson Stafford and I am a real estate agent in the Oklahoma City area that can assist with your move into one of our more gorgeous areas. The person that said moving can be such sweet sorrow, certainly said that without a licensed real estate agent by his side. With me as your agent, I can hunt down the type of property that is perfect for you and your family. Are you looking to find a home that is large enough to house your entire family? Are you looking for a home in the best school districts? Are you relocating for work? Do you need a smaller bachelor pad? Whatever your interests are in the Oklahoma City real estate market, I am prepared to assist.

Contacting me is your best bet for finding the type of home that you truly want. Sure anyone can go online and look up a few properties via internet search, however many times those searches don’t yield the results you are looking for. In addition to tapping into local MLS listings in the area, I also have a variety of resources that can be used to find properties that are not listed. Many times homes go unlisted due to the seller’s request for more privacy. I can gain access to these homes and provide times for viewings in addition to relaying information that can serve extremely beneficial in your home search. When you’re ready to stop dreaming about the lifestyle you want and start living that dream contact me.